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Girona is CHOCKING everyone

4 minute read Published October 11, 2023

La Liga is off to an interesting start. As expected, Real Madrid and Barcelona are jockeying for position at the top of the table. Real Madrid currently sit first and Barcelona third. Sandwiched in between, however, is another Catalan club - Girona FC.

Not even the little brother of Barcelona, that would be Espanyol, they’re more of an “oops baby”. From the third largest city in Catalonia and the second smallest city to be represented by a team in La Liga:

With the smallest stadium capacity:

At the start of the season the club were rated by the betting companies to finish in the bottom of the table but tunes have changed after a very strong start to the season. Seven wins, one draw and one loss.

Not only that. They’ve already taken on and won against Sevilla and Villareal, as well as drawn versus Real Sociedad, three teams that are expected to finish towards the top of the table. Their only loss this season came against Real Madrid.


Founded in 1930, the club has spent most of its time in the lower tiers of the Spanish league system, not reaching higher than second on more than a few occasions. In the 05/06 season the team was playing in the fourth tier, got promoted in consecutive seasons and ended up in the second tier, however, progress was slower from there.

Girona spent ten seasons in the second tier but, in the 16/17, season managed to clinch a promotion spot to the Primera Division by finishing second.

Before the start of their first season in the Primera, the team was bought by the City Football Group (CFG), the same group that owns Manchester City and Pere Guardiola. Yes, you read that correctly - Pere, the brother of Manchester City coach Pep. Rumour has it that the actual owner is Pep, but that’s all speculation.

City Football Group and the Primera Division

Being part of the CFG lets Girona loan players from within the group. In this case, it has been from Manchester City. Since the CFG bought Girona, 20 players have gone on loan from Manchester City and have been a part of the clubs starting eleven in almost every game. This allows the club to have talent that would have otherwise been out of their league.

The team can also benefit from other resources in the CFG, such as administrative, scouting and partner relationships. Not to mention cash injections.

But despite these loans their time in the highest division of Spanish football has been a bit rocky. They did another three year stint in the Segunda and played their first season back in the Primera last year and finished 10th.

Their Season so Far

After finishing 10th last season while overperforming, Girona lost their midfield engine Oriol Romeu to Barcelona as well as three other starters, while only adding free transfers and loans to their squad.

There were no signs their season would be very different from last. If anything it was projected to be worse. Oddsmakers had Gironas odds of winning the league at about the same as the teams expected to finish in the bottom half. 

Girona drew their first game of the season, against Real Sociedad. But then they picked up a win. And then another one. And then four more. After six wins in a row Girona lost their first game of the season, to Real Madrid.

As the season has progressed and Girona has shown no signs of slowing down, the tune around the club has changed. Their odds of winning the league is now fourth, just behind the three teams that have won every single league title in the past 20 years.

Future and Criticisms

A club getting taken over by the CFG is never popular within a league. And being part of a group that also consists of Manchester City begs the question - are Girona just a feeder club and a B-team for Manchester City? A place where raw talent can start their career and young Manchester City talent, not yet ready for the first team, can go to get playing time?

It’s not impossible. But so far, the team has improved under the CFGs ownership. Surely the fans aren’t complaining about being second, they were even in first after game week 7.



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