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The Bundesliga Actually Looks INTERESTING This Year

6 minute read Published October 16, 2023

For the past eleven years, Bayern Munich have won the Bundesliga. Eleven years in a row. That’s a very boring record for the third largest league in the world. Only PSG and Ligue 1 even come close to that kind of domination.

Last year, Borussia Dortmund, the last winner of the Bundesliga that wasn’t Bayern Munich, got so close to snatching the title but lost on the final gameday of the season. Such a bummer.

This year however, things are looking more competitive than ever. 

Second in the Bundesliga at the moment are Stuttgart. Bayern Munich are third and only ahead of Dortmund on goal difference. It’s still early in the season so could this Bundesliga season actually get interesting, or will it end up the way it always ends up?

Bayer Leverkusen and Xabi Alonso

Another Bayerisch team has taken the league by storm this season, Bayer Leverkusen. At the helm is Liverpool, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich legend Xabi Alonso. After seven rounds the former midfielders team has yet to lose a game, having won six and drawn one (to Bayern Munich). 

Team GP W D L GD Pts
Bayer Leverkusen 7 6 1 0 17 19
Stuttgart 7 6 0 1 14 18
Bayern Munich 7 5 2 0 17 17
Borussia Dortmund 7 5 2 0 8 17
Hoffenheim 7 5 0 2 5 15
RB Leipzig 7 4 2 1 10 14

The transformation Alonso has created at Leverkusen is nothing short of amazing. He took the reins in October 2022 when Gerardo Seoane was sacked due to the team having the worst start to a league campaign since they were last promoted to the Bundesliga in 1979. Needless to say, it wasn’t an easy task Alonso was given.

But after having led them to sixth last season and getting an entire summer of pre-season work as well as reinforcements to the team, Bayer Leverkusen are now flying. Xabi Alonso has been praised for his work with the team and there have already been rumors of Real Madrid looking at the Spaniard to take over once Ancelotti decides to move on, or is sacked.

Not only are they getting results but the football they’re playing is entertaining and attacking focused.

Troubles At Bayern

There’s been some turbulence surrounding Munich since the end of last season when Julian Nagelsmann was unexpectedly sacked. The team had been doing well but it seems like Julian Nagelsmann wasn’t a good cultural fit. With its long history and in a famously traditional part of the country the appointment of a young and outspoken coach maybe wasn’t the best choice. 

The last straw for the now German national team coach was when after a loss in the Bundesliga he decided to go on a ski-trip. It was during a national break so most players at Bayern would be with their respective national teams. But maybe it was just an excuse to get rid of him.

At the end of last season, long serving CEO Oliver Kahn was also let go. The former Bayern Munich and German national team goalkeeper held the position for several years but after just narrowly winning the title last season, he was let go. 

The fact is that the transfer dealings in the last few years haven’t really gone to plan. Last season's marquee signing, Sadio Mane, didn’t succeed at the club and even caused some issues in the locker room by attacking his teammate, Sane. 

De Ligt, the center back bought from Juventus before last season for one of the biggest transfer fees in the clubs history, is not a regular starter. 

It does seem so far that the club record signing of Harry Kane is working out for Munich. Maybe booting Kahn was the right move to get their transfer dealings in order.

The Usual Suspects Are Trailing Just Behind

So first and second are, a bit surprisingly, Leverkusen and Stuttgart. But trailing just behind Bayern Munich in third are Borussia Dortmund and Leipzig, the teams that have been the main competitors for the title in these 10 past years.

Obviously, they’re looking to put up a fight. Dortmund are surely looking to redeem themselves after the embarrassing way they lost the title last year. This summer they lost one of the main pieces of their midfield, Jude Bellingham but have strengthened with two signings in that same position: Marcel Sabitzer and Felix Nmecha. Experience and future.

Leipzig with their stellar recruitment into an already world class team are sure to challenge as well.

What’s going to happen

It sure does look like this Bundeliga season could be the most exciting and competitive in many years. Bayer Leverkusen show no signs of slowing down. Stuttgart is a good team.

Bayern have had its share of trouble in the past year and were close to losing their winning streak already, last season. But since they’ve got one of the best strikers in the world and people causing troubles behind the scenes have moved on, maybe they just need time to get the team back on track.

Dortmund has lost its best player but still has a good team. Even if their season has been as slow or even slower than Munich’s they’ll be up there as the season progresses.

It all adds up to a very interesting season in the Bundesliga. Since everyone loves an underdog many are hoping for Leverkusen to have their underdog start to lead to something greater.

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